How Parallel Assets are paid?

2 min readJun 12, 2023


General information!

Once you’ve started mining Flux you will also get rewards in other chains.
Currently 8 chains are active. Flux announced the 9th PA Flux-Matic and its not yet released, but already active on our pool. There will be 10 Parallel Assets totally in the future.


In Flux network for each 1 mined Flux you get 10% on each chain, which is 0.1 Flux. Pool swaps these assets in native mainchain Flux and pays them to your regular mining address! Swaps takes fees. So on our pool after pool’s fees you get 0.095 Flux on each chain for 1 mined Flux.


We pay Parallel Assets instantly as soon as your balance reaches 0.5 Flux on each chain!
You can check your total balance in Parallel Assets tab in your dashboard.

Click details button to see balance on each chain!

The PA-10 is not yet announced by Flux team and currently accumulated on your balance, and appears as Future PAs balance! As soon as PA-10 will be released, it will be paid to your mining address.

Your Parallel Assets payments you can find in the PAs payments tab below the miner’s hashrate chart.

Parallel Assets payments list