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DualManager setup for OZM DNX and Rigel ZIL Dual mining

We will mine Dnx and ZIL on different miners for better performance!

Preparing for the installation

1. In HiveOS stop the mining
2. Disable hashrate watchdog
3. Go to Hive Shell

Starting the installation and Dual manager setup

Use the following commands to install and setup DualManager

wget -O dualmanager '' && chmod +x dualmanager && ./dualmanager

Now the first setup will begin

- Input the DNX wallet address
- Input the ZIL wallet address

Next step is to input DNX pool

And Mallob

Then Zil pool (CrazyPool for example)


The next steps is to enter the miners executable paths

For OZM miner the default path is


For Rigel


You need to setup these miners if you dont have them in your system!
Or update them to latest version!

General DualManager setup

The next step is OC settings.

Select option 1 to array values for all GPUs separated with comma


After you’ve setup OC for ZIL mining you will see the same window but for DNX OC values. After you will finish the OC setup, the window will be closed and mining will start!

To see live logs input the command

screen -x dualmonitor 

and window with miners will open! Use

Miner’s live logs

to switch between miners.


to exit from real time logs

Changing wallets, ZIL pool, OC setting

If you need to change settings like OC, wallet, use the following example
For OC command

./dualmanager change oc_dnx

Ater changing OC please restart DualManager with following commands to apply changes

./dualmanager quit

Full commands lits you can find using command
*All commands descriptions, in the end of the guide down below!

./dualmanager help

Enable DualManager on Rig’s start as system proccess

It also stops the flightsheet on rig’s boot if whatchdog is disabled!

./dualmanager enable_daemon
systemctl start dualmanager

To disable DualManager daemon

./dualmanager disable_daemon

Commands list with description and examples

Command example with argument

./dualmanager change_wallet dnx

To exit and stop DualManager

./dualmanager quit

To change mining address use the following command (arg. DNX, ZIL)

./dualmanager change_wallet

To change pool (args, dnx, zil)

./dualmanager change_pool

Change Mallob for DNX

./dualmanager change_mallob

Change language (args. EN, RU)

./dualmanager change_lang

Change miner’s paths

./dualmanager change_miner

Change OC (args DNX, ZIL)

./dualmanager change_oc

Reset all GPUS parameters and OC settings

./dualmanager reset_gpus